Take the Fork – A Case For Exploring Our Commonality

There was a time when I had come to think that the pursuit of understanding ourselves and the pursuit of understanding our universe was a fork in the road; both choices leading to a grandiose quest reserved for the willing with no certainty of what’s to follow.

But over time, my sentiment has been persuaded towards something else; and I think Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra was on to something.

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it” – Lawrence Peter ‘Yogi’ Berra

It was quite the happenstance for me to dig into the context of this quote by Yogi Berra (here is one brief take).  Long story short, Yogi Berra originated this quip while giving his friend Joe Garagiola, a fellow baseball player and announcer, directions to his house.

Interestingly enough, both directions of the fork in the road lead to Yogi’s home; hence why he told him to ‘take it’.  I found this analogy poetically fitting given my current perspective.

Similar to the spiral of a seashell and how it resembles the shapes of distant galaxies, I have come to hold a deep suspicion that by truly understanding ourselves we may, by fractal, be able to understand the universe we cannot yet observe.

Because of this notion, as of late, I cannot help but pause in the face of anything that may suggest ‘universal‘ as it relates to us as people.

When I use the term ‘universal‘, I mean to say – something that seems to impact the overwhelming majority of humans beings around the world.

One of the more obvious examples of this would quite likely be music.  Music as a concept can be found throughout humanity and different cultures.  While cultures of the world have taken music across a spectrum of discovery and styles, the core concept and affinity for music itself remains ever-present.

It is said that only 3-5% of the world population has an apathy towards music; sometimes referred to as musical anhedonia.  Outside of that, we all receive music quite well.

I feel this may be telling of a deeper reality as it relates to us as people.

There is something there, I just don’t know what it is yet…

Having said all that, in the weeks leading to the publishing of Logicrats: A New Paradigm, it had become quite apparent to me that, while ‘Logicrats‘ as an approach to thinking would be a useful blueprint for mapping our intentions and perceptions of reality, the framework introduced in the book would simply be a beginning.

What good are dormant tools?…

How useful is an idea without action?…

In the spirit of these questions, and the foreseeable challenges, it was clear that at some point the Logicrat Project would need to employ one of its founding principles to have any chance at providing value to you and others; that principle being Perspective Wandering.

Perspective wandering implores Logicrats to immerse themselves into ideas and activities that would otherwise be considered – outside – of their general scope of awareness.

Enquiring and learning about seamlessly unrelated topics, over time, will begin to take a hold of your mind in a very peculiar way, as your faculties of observation gradually begin to change.  This will become particularly useful as you come back to visit the challenges in your own endeavors and begin to notice relationships between things that you did not observe before. – Logicrats – A New Paradigm

Perhaps now is as good a time as any to begin wandering my friends.

In the spirit of everything I have just mentioned, I am excited and grateful to announce the official launch of 5 communities that will begin to explore specific aspects of ourselves that seem to suggest universal.

Below I hope for you to find a brief but meaningful delineation of each group.

See you inside.

TONES - Graphic

Tones – Music Group

As mentioned earlier, music is one of those things that impacts us as people across culture and throughout history.  In the spirit of this, the Logicrat Project is excited to launch Tones.

This community is a collection of people that share a common love for music (any and all genres) but also wish to explore, refine and further their understanding of themselves through collective engagement and collaboration.

Music plays an integral role throughout our lives.

Sometimes when words cannot, music may

Share the music you are listening to (preferably when you are listening to it) and what thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.  Share your mindset. Share your perspective.
If you are part of this group, be warned, you most certainly will discover new tones and your music pallete may expand.

savor image with logo

Savor – Food Group

For humanity, food has become more than just a means for survival – it is a place where we come together.

Anthony Bourdain expressed it well when he said:

Meals make the society, hold the fabric together in lots of ways that were charming and interesting and intoxicating to me. The perfect meal, or the best meals, occur in a context that frequently has very little to do with the food itself.

To continue this value and sentiment, the Logicrats Project is excited to announce Savor.

Savor aims to explore the tastes of the world and the conversations that come with it.  To be a part of this hobnob is to have a seat at the table.  Whether you are traveling in an unfamiliar place or within your own backyard there is food.  And where there is food, there is conversation and experiences to be had.

This is what members of Savor bring to the table.  Grab a chair, there is plenty of room.

Ink - Facebook Group Picture

INK – Writing and Reading Group

The written word is arguably our most powerful invention to date.  Through books and storytelling we have given ourselves the powerful ability to dive into ethical dilemmas and circumstances without actually having to be in them.

They are time capsules into what has passed and a glimpse into what one day may be possible.

To travel while sitting still. 

The written word is our immortality.  Ink is a gathering place for readers, writers and poets alike.  Within Ink, you will have the opportunity to share, create, collaborate, engage and discover new and old works.

Showcase Group Photo

Showcase – Movies, TV Shows and Performing Arts Group

The impact and power of motion pictures, television and performing arts is akin to the impact and power of the written word.

The power of a well delivered scene can leave a lasting impression on our lives and leave us questioning our perspective; the members of Showcase strive to explore these moments.

In this community, you will find members that are passionate about the craft.  Character development, storytelling, delivery, the creative – there is so much to explore.

Grab some popcorn, you won’t want to miss this.

And yes, I felt just as cheesy typing that last bit as you did reading it.

Travel Lounge Group Photo

Travel Lounge – Travel Group

Traveling garners perspective.  I am certain I am not alone in my experiences around travel and the influence it can have on our lives.  The most common thoughts and ideas can become profound revelations.

When we travel we create context for our lives.

The Travel Lounge is a closely curated community that will pull on your curiosity to explore near and far.  The Travel Lounge will serve as a place for members to come together and share their experiences from wherever they may be – worldwide.

Whether you are exploring your backyard or a different country, the Travel Lounge will serve as your place to contemplate and deliberate your new experiences with other members.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T.S. Eliot

Social Presence

These communities have officially launched in the form of Facebook Groups.  In its current state, Facebook groups allow for dynamic conversation and engagement between its members.

You can find all of these groups under the “Groups” tab on the Logicrats Facebook Page.

These exclusive groups have already begun to grow and as a member one can expect to find carefully curated content (with the Logicrat framework), exclusive events and quality member engagement and community.

Whichever group seems to draw your curiosity, even at the slightest, I sincerely encourage you to join and become an exclusive member.

See you inside.

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