Logicrats – A New Paradigm (Book Launch)

Logicrat - A New Paradigm 3D Flat Mockup.jpg

It is humbling to have the opportunity to announce the **Official Launch** of my first book within the Logicrat label.

This book has been in the making for many years and through great effort and in some cases restraint, I have been afforded the opportunity to share this work with all of you. I would like to thank my friends and family that have supported me throughout the process – without their support, my work would never have been realized.

Writing this book became quite the struggle for me, particularly in the final year leading to its publication, as I was failing to answer a very fundamental question. Why was I writing this book at all? T.S. Eliot expressed it eloquently when he wrote,

“We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all of our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

THAT is what this book is about. It is to show you that there are more rooms in the house you’ve been living in than you have come to notice. That you have more options in your life than those that are immediately visible. Do you know what makes me cry in the middle of the day, in public? People debating false choices with a serious tone of voice.

Our potential is often far greater than we think and this book is my first attempt at filtering out the noise that is so exhaustingly prevalent all around us. I want to spark an awareness that I am certain you are craving.

With that being said, I hope and encourage all of you to endorse my efforts. I hope that you will push my ideas further than my own abilities can and lastly – and most importantly – I hope the ideas shared in this book help you…not just in any way, but in the way that you require.




Although this book in the coming days will be available at many major retailers – below please find links to Amazon.com​ and Barnes & Noble​.

Currently it is available in E-book form (Kindle, Nook, Etc). In the next 3-5 days my book will also be available in soft cover and hard cover. Thank you everyone for your support and feedback!

Logicrats Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble Nook


Barnes & Noble: 


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